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Recent Slashgeo Donations - Thank You!

At Slashgeo, we aggregate and publish geonews on a volunteering basis and we benefit from user donations that contribute paying the hosting fees. I’d like to sincerely thank Max Galka who made a significant donation to Slashgeo. Such contributions not only reduce the financial burden of hosting this site we provide for the community, but also ...

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Cube Cities Major Donation and Update to our Open Budget

Thanks to Cube Cities for their major donation to Slashgeo, making it to the 6th spot of our top donors list (right-hand side column). Thanks Cube Cities!

From the CubeCities website: "Cube Cities allows you to search for properties like never before. Fly over any city, see everything you’re looking for at once, and with a click, view listings inside and out. Welcome to a world where business owners anywhere can find the perfect property across the globe in record time. Building owners and managers can add listings, connect to new clients, and create “magic carpet ride” 3D Tours. Brokers can present their properties in the best light, allowing prospective clients to access visual market analysis, as well as detailed building, floor and suite level information."

I also used this opportunity to update our Open Budget. Slashgeo is managed by a registered non-profit organization and we've always been fond of transparency.

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Effigis: Major Donation to Slashgeo - Thanks!

I am extremely happy to report that Effigis Geo Solutions gave a major donation to Slashgeo. This propels them to the third spot of our Top Slashgeo Donors' list (right-hand side column) and will help pay for the hosting bills. Thank you Effigis! There are several ways to contribute to Slashgeo.

About Effigis: "Recognized as a leader in the geomatics sector, Effigis (formerly VIASAT GeoTechnologies [in Canada], VGI Solutions in the US) has been providing innovative geospatial solutions since 1991. Earth Observation services, infrastructure inventory, telecommunications network monitoring, GNSS software, geological studies: we are a one stop source for all our customers’ geoinformation needs.

Flexible and professional, we can adapt to every customer’s specific challenges whatever its sector or the size of its project. Our commitment is simple: maximize all our resources, both technical and human, to exceed our customers’ expectations. Systematically.

We are also a preferred employer and care about our employees’ personal development and well-being. Behind the company is a multidisciplinary team of over 100 professionals and qualified technicians. Geomatics experts, engineers, IT specialists, surveyors, geographers and geologists—their talent and passion are the key to Effigis’ success."

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New Slashgeo Feature: Anyone Donating 5$ or More Won’t See Ads Anymore & DreamHost Referrer Code

A new feature on Slashgeo, that doesn't happen every month! Anyone that contributes 5$ or more to Slashgeo won't see ads on the site for at least 5 years. You'll get more screen real estate, especially useful on tablets and smartphones. If you donated in the past and I haven't disabled the ads while you're logged in yet, let me know. Enjoy!

Another way to help Slashgeo continue aggregating the pertinent geonews for you is by using our DreamHost referrer code if you need an excellent web hosting service.

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Transitiva’s Donation to Slashgeo - Thank you!

Two significant donations in a row! Thanks to Transitiva for supporting Slashgeo.

Here's what they do: "Transitiva is a top supplier of OEM GPS equipment. We supply equipment that is used within and for companies in defense, government, and commercial industries. We offer top brand name products manufactured by Hemisphere GPS, Trimble, Pacific Crest, Trimble, Septentrio, Ashtech and more. Our product categories include: GPS OEM Boards, Development kits, OEM enclosures, Antennas, and other accessories."

They made it to our list top donors (right-hand side column) - it's now getting harder to find your way there, since the minimum amount is above 100$ now - that said, even 5$ is a welcomed donation for our registered non-profit organization. Yes, yes, I'll update our open budget soon... (does taking care of two young kids succeeds in making you believe I'm not procrastinating? ;-).

Thanks Transitiva!

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MapForums Donation to Slashgeo - Thank you!

As most of you already know, we're a registered non-profit organization relying on community contributions to exist, both in terms of content (we favor quality over quantity) and financial terms to pay for hosting.

I'm glad to report that for the first time, a Slashgeo user gave a substantial donation, not once, but twice! Thanks to Eric Frost of MapForums for this additional donation, 4.5 years after the initial one, bringing MapForums back to our list of top donors (bottom right-hand column of the site). I now have an additional reason to update our Open Budget ;-)

Thanks MapForums!

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FME News and Safe Software Major Donation

I am extremely happy to report that Safe Software, the makers of the popular FME spatial ETL tool, have made a big donation to Slashgeo - thank you Safe Software! They're taking the sweet spot of being #1 on our top donors list (on the right-hand column).

Here's what might interest you regarding FME:

  • Contest called "Geography Jones and the Temple of Data", open until Friday which has prizes like an iPad2 and $1500 in travel up for grabs
  • Webinar that will describe what's new and great in FME, offered three times on January 26
  • Details on what's new in FME Desktop and FME Server
  • Blog posts on FME, LiDAR, Google Fusion Tables and more to come later this week

We mentioned FME several times since. In addition to this donation, Safe Software also paid for advertising exclusivity on Slashgeo for a few months (the top banner). Slashgeo is managed by a registered non-profit organization. You can learn more about getting exposure on slashgeo.org.

Don't worry, we're not filthy rich now ;-) Despite this welcomed donation, our budget is still far in the red because of hosting and maintenance fees accumulated since (this doesn't count hundreds of hours spent by our team of volunteers). You can peak at our open budget while it's still there. I'll have to remove it in order to respect the Google terms of service (we already got trouble with them in the past).

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New Donation from WebMapSolutions

Most of you know that Slashgeo is managed by a team of volunteers under the umbrella of a registered non-profit organization. We aim to provide great geonews aggregation and discussion services, from the geospatial community for the geospatial community. While making billions is clearly not a goal, it would still be nice if the site was self-sufficient. Over our past 5.5 years of existence, we always favored transparency. That's why we provide our open budget. Yes, we're in the red. If you like the site, any donation is welcomed, even if it's just 5$ to help pay for the hosting fees. I'll now need to update our open budget and our list of Top Donors, found on the right hand side of the site... I'm glad to report the guys at WebMapSolutions gave us a substantial donation which propel them to the 6th place of our all-time Top Donors. Thanks a lot WebMapSolutions! What they do? Their website indicates they "provide on time and on budget project programming & implementation, for custom developed rich internet map applications". Cheers!

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