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Batch Geonews: Bing Maps Updates, Nokia’s Yahoo Maps, U.S. Geoplatform Launches, GIS and the Cloud, and much more

Here's the latest geonews in batch mode. But first, as a media partner of the Geomatique event, if you participated to the conference, we invite you to fill this survey and get a chance to win an iPad 2.

On the Google front:

  • The GEB introduces the free Maxwell Render Suite to make your SketchUp models more realistic, the screenshots are impressive 
  • You can now Share biking and walking directions with Custom Maps
  • We told you before that Street View is available inside businesses now, and here's a Slashdot discussion about it
  • The Google Model Your Town Competition has begun
  • Google requests feedback for their map news channels, if you fill that survey, you can tell them you're reading Slashgeo ;-)
  • And there was new imagery released yesterday for Google Maps and Earth

On the Microsoft front:

  • Microsoft announced several updates and new features in the Bing Maps REST web services and the Bing Spatial Data Service
  • In another entry, Microsoft informs us that the improved map sharing and Bing Maps route modifications

On the Esri front:

  • Mandown mentions that the ArcGIS API for iOS 2.1 is now available

On the open source front that wasn't mentioned yesterday:

  • Via O'Reilly, I learned about an jQuery open source Country Selector that has autocomplete
  • I also forgot to share this DM article named Experiences Teaching Free and Open Source GIS at the Community College Level

In the miscellaneous category:

  • APB reports that Yahoo Maps is now powered by Nokia
  • The U.S. Geoplatform launched based on Esri's Portal for ArcGIS, here's the direct link
  • V1 has an interesting perspective named What Do You Think GIS in the Cloud Will Be Like? and on the same topic, DM shares an informative article named Is Geospatial Cloud Computing a Commodity?
  • SS mentions a iOnRoad, free Android app that includes colision avoidance
  • MapQuest Vibe is now available for the iPhone
  • O'Reilly tells us about Dark Sky's app Kickstater project for "hyperlocal hyper-realtime" weather prediction, with similarities to NowCasting
  • If you're into podcasts, VerySpatial mentions another geospatial-related podcast now in English, Geografree
  • APB informs us of a OGC survey of the business value of geospatial standards
  • V1 lists what he thinks are the Hottest Jobs In The Geospatial Sector Today
  • APB has excellent coverage of the SimpleGeo acquisition by Urban Airship
  • Remember we told you about Atanas Entchev? There's now a petition to help him

In the maps category:

  • StrangeMaps shares an informative map of electric sockets of the World
  • Here's a Google Maps mashup on disease risk and migration
  • O'Reilly shares an animated map of how dance music travels
  • APB share their disappointment at the map of the American Jobs Act
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Apple’s C3 Technologies 3D Maps Also Offer Street Views and Interior Views

Is Apple positioning itself as a Google Street View and Microsoft Bing Maps competitor? Apparently, Apple recently acquired C3 Technologies' also offer Street View and Interior views.

From the entry: "In addition to 3D maps, C3 also makes awesome street level imagery captured using "an advanced multiple camera system with overlapping viewing angles to capture the entire surroundings in stereo. [...] As well as increasing its geographic range, C3 is expanding into interior settings. With a special camera rig, they can also create a 3D model of the interior of a building using the same photo stitching they use with their aerial or street level maps."

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Google Geonews: New Street View in Parks and Inside Businesses, SketchUp Showcase, and more

Here's the recent Google-related geonews. Nothing major this time to be honest.

From the official sources:

  • Here's an entry on the latest additions of parks in Street View using their trike
  • We already mentioned the new feature, but here's another entry on Street View available inside businesses, such as restaurants 
  • For SketchUp users, apparently 2 millions of them, Google started the Make Ideas Real project, showcasing bringing ideas to life with SketchUp
  • Here's the short recap of the Google Geo User Summit that took place in Barcelona on October 12-14th

From other sources:

  • APB informs us Google is now blocking GPS jammer ads at the request of the FCC
  • Today was released new imagery for Google Earth
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Connecticut AG Wants Google’s Wi-Fi Street View Data

In what seems like a never ending publicity nightmare for Google, or a photo opportunity for others...here is another Street View privacy case that has popped up. From Cnet News : "Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has been leading a cadre of attorneys general investigating Google's Wi-Fi Street View data gathering, formally ordered the search giant today to hand over data gathered during the years it operated Street View cars. He issued a civil investigative demand, a legal order similar to a subpoena, after Google refused to provide the data after less formal requests, according to a statement released by his office."

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Google Loses Street View Suit, Forced To Pay $1

Currently in discussion on slashdot : "Two and a half years ago, the Borings sued Google for invading their privacy by driving onto their private driveway and taking pictures of their house to display on Google Street View. Now, the case has finally come to a close with the judge ruling in favor of the Borings and awarding them the princely sum of $1. While the judge found the Borings to be in the right, she awarded them only nominal damages, as the fact that they had already made images of their home available on a real estate site and didn't bother to seal the lawsuit to minimize publicity indicated the Borings neither valued their privacy nor had it been affected in any great way by Google's actions."

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